Banquet Table Plans And Place Cards

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The layout of the banquet hall almost dictates the layout of the table. The long narrow hall restricts the number on the top table to 6 people. The top table is nearest the entrance, so the Bride and Groom can access their seats easily when announced into the hall.

The table plan needs to be handed into Reception at least one day in advance of the wedding. You will also need to provide each guest with a place card with his or her full name printed on, to enable the banquet staff to deliver meal orders to their correct locations without having to interrupt guests unnecessarily. If needed these are available for sale at reception.

Please note due to the amount of items placed on the tables during the banquet it is not necessary or recommended that you organise any form of table floral decorations. Before the commencement of the banquet we will place the Brides bouquet on the top table.

Please note that due to the limitations of the dining room the top table can only seat a maximum of 6 people. Guests are seated on both sides of two long tables down the entire length of the dining room. Table plans will need to be handed into reception on the day of arrival so staff can lay out the table to your wishes. Clients are advised that no arrangements for extra decoration or floral displays are needed.

Please find below printable PDF Table Plans and diagrams of usual layouts. Simply click the pictures below.

Luxurious Linen Seat Covers
We supply a range of luxurious seat covers in white linen with a range of coloured organza bows, ribbons and table runners.
Simply select the colour that best suits your style and overall colour theme of your wedding and staff will arrange for the banquet hall, table and seats to be decorated for your arrival in your chosen shade.

We have selected a range of seven of the most popular and stunning ranges of materials that will blend in with most banquets, simply contact reception for details and pricing to order these before your arrival, however if you have a particular colour choice let us know and we will try and source it.

£6 per person including runners.

We now offer 1 metre tall silver candelabras for table decorations at £25 each. Although our normal candelabras are free of charge, those who wish a more stunning display can opt for upgrading to this option.