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Comlongon Castle

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Scottish Castle Wedding Venue

Wedding Guide for Comlongon Castle in Dumfries and Galloway Scotland

Weddings at Comlongon Castle

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To budget for your wedding we have provided our Wedding Calculator tool where you can easily customise your stay and wedding at Comlongon Castle .

Comlongon Castle 10 Step Wedding Guide

A guide to organising your perfect wedding at this dream Scottish castle

  1. Check Availability
    Either visit or contact the castle to check on the availability of your chosen date. You can provisionally hold a date for up to two weeks simply by leaving your name and contact details with a wedding co-ordinator at the castle.
  2. Secure Your Date
    A date can only be secured by completing an application form (PDF File, 590kb), enclosing the relevant deposits plus £70 for each room each night.
  3. Check & Secure Your Rooms
    Check your application carefully, completing all sections paying particular attention to rooms booked and the invitation to the minister or Registrar.

    Please be aware it is advisable to book rooms for all your guests within the castle, otherwise any available rooms will be offered to another group who may well share facilities on the day. The best way to view the day is to treat the booking as a "house party" and try and take over the whole hotel for one or two days, that way you can reduce the chances of any other group being in the hotel.

    You can ensure you will be the only group in the castle and hotel on the day by arranging exclusive use.
  4. If Possible, Visit The Castle
    Although it is simple to organise every aspect of your day without any previous visit to the castle, we strongly recommend that you try and visit us to discuss your requirements in detail.

    The castle has enough accommodation for 32 people within the hotel, as our banqueting facilities can seat 86 people we have connections with all the local hotels within the area for the remaining 54 people. An extra 100 guests can be invited to attend the evening’s celebrations.
  5. Send a Letter
    It is also helpful if a covering letter is dispatched that details your requirements, as aspects of the day's events are specifically organised to individual client's wishes.
  6. Contact The Registrar ...
    You must contact our local Registrar on 01461 204914 to arrange the necessary documentation giving a minimum of 21 days notice before your wedding, providing Birth Certificates and Decrees Absolutes if previously married. If in any doubt contact the Registrars for advice. Either the Bride or Groom must collect this documentation in person during the seven days before your wedding (please note the Registrars are closed weekends and public holidays). You must have in your possession this documentation when you arrive at the castle, otherwise legally the wedding cannot commence. Please note a minister will charge a standard fee of £100 whilst a registrars fees vary each day-and can add considerably to your cost.
  7. ... Or Minister
    Comlongon Castle will pass on the name and contact number of a local minister available to conduct your religious wedding ceremony, although it is not necessary to contact the minister before the wedding ceremony. Please note that you will have to refund the ministers expenses on the day and make a donation to the church, in total £100 (2016/17).
  8. Check The Details
    About 8 weeks before your wedding a pro-forma invoice will be dispatched detailing all the services and facilities arranged with a breakdown of the pricing structure. At this point you will be asked to confirm numbers and pay £20 per person non-refundable deposit for every adult dining.
  9. The Day Before
    If arriving the day before your wedding you will have ample time to make last minute changes to your wedding arrangements. If staying locally you can make arrangements to drop off your paperwork, cake and dress if needed.
  10. On The Day
    On the date of your wedding you can check in at the castle at 12:30 p.m. (unfortunately an earlier time is impossible due to weddings being conducted on a daily basis and times set aside for interviews). Please note that access to the hotel will not be granted before 12:30, guests arriving before this time may be turned away. As we do not wish to offend any of your guests please inform them of the check in policy.

Comlongon Castle - nearest Castle to Gretna for Castle weddings The gardens at Comlongon Castle offer the perfect backdrop for weddings Flowers for the Bride - traditional Scottish Weddings in our Scottish Castle
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